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Privacy Policy


The iPillion website and application, owned by Ascot Enterprise Solutions for General Trading Company, pays great attention to preserve the privacy of the applicant in compliance with legal requirements related to data collection, transmission and processing.

Once you use the website and / or the electronic application and after agreeing to its terms privacy policy, the information provided by the service applicant will be subject to the use of 'iPillion' and all its affiliated companies, and all who participate in providing the service, directly or indirectly.

'iPillion' will not collect any personal information except for what is voluntarily provided by the service applicant or member, and will not use this information except in connection with service for which that information is provided.

'iPillion' will not sell, exchange, rent, or publish this information to others, and will not disclose this personal information to any government agency except as required by law or to any other external parties without the permission of the owner of the information.


'iPillion' is doing its best to maintain the security of the website and the application without any guarantees, and that needs the help of the service applicant or the member to participate in keeping the site and application safe and that will be through:

  • Not to download viruses or any other harmful code.
  • Not to ask for login information for someone else's account.
  • Not to publish any private information related to other people such as their addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address, or the like without obtaining their prior permission.

The nature of the information collected

The information collected and stored by 'iPillion' includes the information provided by the service applicant upon requesting membership and the information that the service applicant or member shares through his use of and requesting the service.

When the applicant inserts the requested data in the specified field as part of the registration process, 'iPillion' saves transfers and stores this information.

This information contains all or some of the following data: full name, address, email address, mobile phone number, landline number, bills, gender, nationality, date of birth, selected username, confidential password, purchase invoices from the site Credit card information including bank name and card numbers, shipping addresses for various locations.

'iPillion' saves and stores the information shared by the service applicant or member provided through his use and request for the service, including, for example, the wish list, the history record of previous operations, all activities that take place within the scope of the website and the electronic application, the information that is provided for knowing the latest offers, notifications on e-mail, mobile phones or newsletters, comments and reviews upon all products and services provided, images and texts, and also 'iPillion' saves and stores the user's computer address, geographical location, user browsing system, processing system.

'iPillion' also saves and stores personal information and contact information related to other people in which the applicant enters or shares on the website and application and the information of people who want to benefit from the service.

Browser history (cookies)

iPillion relies on using the latest technology, it uses cookies on its website to keep the information and data recorded with it on the system's hard drive so that the member is identified as a user without asking for login information which will save time and facilitate the process Access.

Cookies do not create or distribute viruses and have nothing to do with hacking computers. They are a tool that facilitate the entry by saving the data.

Scope of use of the information

The main purpose of collecting the information is for providing the service, including facilitating the process of purchasing products, delivering them, collecting their price, analyzing and evaluating all details related to the shopping process such as the market and its sectors, products and customers, analyzing the procurement processes, following up on customer requests and comments, overcoming complaints and problems, improving all services, contents, and system of use And sharing this information with the company’s management and the employees specialized in managing the website and the electronic application and the subsidiaries of EBTIKR Smart Solutions Company, the subsidiary and joint companies in providing the service and the support offices to complete the buying and selling processes and all the private banking institutions related to the collection and collecting money in all forms of currencies allowed in the local and international scope And the technical support team for the management of the site and the companies supporting the support.

iPillion website and application saves and stores this information to customize, improve and enhance the services provided to its customers, such as searching for products or services that match or are similar to the member’s profile and interests, monitoring and analyzing usage, comparing one product with the sales of another product, making statistics based on records, the frequency of visits and the use of services, the development and improvement of the services environment, the implementation of the obligations of 'iPillion' and the enforcement of its rights arising from any contracts concluded between the two parties, including billing and collection.

iPillion website and application saves and stores this information in order to be able to communicate with members through the available contact information include e-mail, landline or mobile phones, including smart phones and electronic applications for communications about products, services and events, to confirm a purchase order, To inform the member about the existence of any notes, for the purposes of feedback and service evaluation, for the purposes of sending promotional messages and seasonal offers, to inform the service applicant of changes that occur to the website or to any products or services available on it

'Ipillion' website and application saves, stores, records and documents all conversations and correspondence that occur between them and the members, wherever they are, in order to develop customer service and quality control, and in the event of misusing any means of communication towards the site or any other party, the company reserves the right to take all The necessary legal procedures.

Disclosure or sharing of information

iPillion has the right to disclose and share the collected information to its subsidiaries, associates, companies and persons involved in providing the service, directly or indirectly, and to any third party in the event of a merger, liquidation, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or otherwise. From selling or transferring some or all assets of Ascot Enterprise Solutions company, whether it is an ongoing order or as part of bankruptcy, liquidation, or the like.

'iPillion' provides its subsidiaries, associates, or companies participating in providing their services and products, and provides local and international financial banking institutions, supervisory institutions in the country and specialized legal and judicial institutions to monitor and detect fraud operations and to any other party that is at the discretion of 'iPillion' Necessary to facilitate the process of providing service and prosecuting infringers.

iPillion is also committed to disclose any information it has in compliance with any court order or legal orders and requests, including responding to any governmental or regulatory request.

Procedures taken to protect information

iPillion takes all reasonable measures to protect the information and to prevent its loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and destruction of some or all of it and protect it from piracy and computer viruses. 'iPillion' professionally stores information in terms of the used encryption mechanism, hiding the password and physical protection from any violation of its privacy by unauthorized persons.

iPillion stores all data and personal information through the use of the latest data saving technologies in cloud storage or private storage devices.

Getting rid of personal information

After the membership is deleted or canceled by the service applicant or by 'iPillion', personal information which includes name, contact addresses and bank information is deleted which were stored by using technical means that make the information non-recoverable. Personal information printed on paper records, printed matters and documents is to be destroyed by shredding or burning.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to amendment, renewal and increase, all of which are aimed at improving and developing the efficiency of information privacy with 'iPillion'. The service applicant or member will be notified by the e-mail registered with the 'iPillion'.

If this policy is approved, regardless whether read or not, then this is an explicit consent of the applicant or member of all the details mentioned in the policy.

iPillion' request the service applicant to read the privacy policy carefully and in due diligence, so that he has the necessary information before using the website and the electronic application, and that 'iPillion' holds the service applicant or member fully responsible for providing any wrong or incorrect data. And reserves the right to take legal measures and take whatever it deems appropriate to close or freeze the account.